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There Ain’t No Way Round It . . . You’ve Gotta’ Have ‘Em

This will come as no surprise to the parents of millions of college age students . . . or to those who have “been there, done that and bought the text books”, but the average college students spends around $1,000 per year on college text books. Yikes, that’s a lot of dough! Are these college textbooks gold leaf? Are the covers of these college textbooks encrusted in diamonds? Nope, they’re just packed with the knowledge which the college students of today will read, learn and inwardly digest in the hopes of becoming the next Bill Gates (hang on, I thought he didn’t go to college, not for very long anyway), Harvard Professor or top divorce attorney to the celebs. Unfortunately, until they reach the top of their prospective career ladders, the majority of college students just don’t have that sort of cash to spend on college textbooks . . . . Dad, have you got a minute . . . and a couple of thousand bucks?

Ways To Save Money on College Textbooks

#1 – Buy your college textbooks online – this seems like such a simple and obvious answer, but it does have one flaw . . . the crafty college bookstores (which want your business) don’t actually release the names of which college textbooks you’ll need until the last minute . . . oh no, you simply don’t have time to order your college textbook from an online store and wait for delivery . . . you need your college textbooks and you need them NOW. Better go to the college bookstore to buy them just to be sure that you’ll have them in time.

Answer to being able to buy you college textbooks online – contact your professors in plenty of time during the summer, so that you can order your college textbooks online and save a bit of your (or your Dads) cash.

#2 – Buy pre-owned college textbooks – think about it . . . how many copies of the college textbooks you need have been used for previous years college courses . . .all of ’em. The one terrific thing about books, is no matter how many times, or how many people read them, they are still packed with the same amount of useful information . . . they don’t get “used up”, just so long as none of the pages are missing anyway. If you’re lucky, you might find a pre-owned college textbook with pencil notes in the margin! Try to find college textbooks which have been owned by brain boxes who gained their degrees with flying colors!

#3 – Rent your college textbooks – this is becoming a very popular solution to the problem of coughing up enough cash to actually buy these college text books. This can save around 40 – 50% of the price of buying a new book. Of course, you’ve got to rent your college textbooks for a specific amount of time and then return them pronto, otherwise you’ll incur late fees, and you’d better not write any notes in the margins, even in pencil because you’ll also get fined if you don’t return your college textbooks in tip-top condition.

#4 – Dash to the college library for your college textbooks – you’ve gotta’ be quick for this one, so get your running shoes on, pick up the list of college textbooks you’ll need and hope that you get to the college library before anybody else. If you’ve got the next Usain Bolt in your year then you might be out of luck. Anyway, if you do happen to get to the campus library first . . . and they do happen to have your college textbooks . . . you might be able to check them out for each semester. Failing that, some campus libraries allow you to check out the books for a few hours when necessary, but again, you’ve got to make sure that you get their first.

#5 – Share your college textbooks – this solution is fraught with danger however, and though it might sound like a great idea at the time needs to be entered with extreme caution . . . and you need to know your “shareeee” very well indeed.

#6 -Upload your college textbooks online – the modern solution to the college textbook dilemma. Simply download the textbook onto your laptop or some other device.

#7 – Photocopy your friends college textbook – you’d better do this in secret as you’ll be violating all sorts of copyright infringements . . . but it is an option. Let’s see, a 500 page college textbook costing $200, and you pay around 5 cents per page for the photocopying, you could have the whole book for around $50 (front and back). Of course, it won’t look quite the same, the pages will get torn and tatty, it won’t fit into your bag and it’ll take you a considerable amount of time . . . but it is an option!

NB – Sell Your College Textbooks – the flipside to this story is, of course, that if you do buy your college textbooks, and take good care of them, you’ll always be able to re-sell them at the end of your college course. There’s even the chance that if you buy pre-used college textbooks you’ll be able to re-sell them for the same amount of money as you paid for them yourself, so you’ll actually have your college textbooks for free . . . I like that word, free.


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